Police & EMERGENCY 9-1-1
For emergency police, medical, or fire services, dial 9-1-1. Emergency personnel will be dispatched immediately. Caller name, address and telephone number appears on a separate screen.

The Richland Police Department is concerned with preventing crime and solving problems in partnership with all residents. Officers are available to discuss home / neighborhood / personal security as well as specific topics concerning residents.


Dear Friends:

Thank you for visiting the City of Richland’s police department web page.  Our official web site (which may be located through the links below) was developed for the purpose of providing convenient law enforcement services to the residents of Richland MS and the surrounding area.  Our hope is that by making many of our services more convenient and as automated as possible, residents will be more inclined to interact with their police department.  We in no way want to limit the face to face contact we now enjoy with our residents, but rather hope to better direct our citizens to the proper personnel, thus saving time for both the public and the police. 

Please take a few minutes to browse the Richland Police Departments services section, meet our employees, check your local weather, sign up for breaking news/traffic alerts, or request a business/house watch.  Come back as often as you like and stay as long as you like.  Just click on the Home Page link below and it will take you directly to the Richland Police Department’s main page, or any of the other links for a more direct approach.

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Remember always to stay safe and may God Bless you.

W.R. James,
Chief of Police

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